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  1. Mods to do

    Aftermarket Accessories & Parts
    I have a 2019 Jeep Compass trailhawk and I already have gotten a lift kit ordered and all terrains coming in too. But I wanna know all the mods that people recommend to do to make it look badass and perform perfectly
  2. Steer-by-wire conversion

    Jeep Compass Modifications
    Hi all, I'm looking to modify my Jeep compass 2010 (sport) to a steer-by-wire interface. Has anyone done this with a servo motor (or otherwise) that could offer tips/guidance? Furthermore, how does this interact with the 4x4 feature as from my understanding, this is an electronically induced...
  3. New To The Compass

    Jeep Compass New Member Introductions
    Hello! Recently bought a 2017 High Altitude. Looking to add some upgrades to it such as a tow hitch for a luggage rack and a roof basket/rack. Also, looking into getting black inserts for the grill....trying not to plastidip but if you've had a good experience with it; let me know. We are avid...