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  1. Roof Rack

    DIY Roof Rack
  2. Jeep Compass General Discussion
    Hi can someone help me out with the dimensions of the factory mopar cross bars 82214658AB for 2017-2021 compass. I just want to know how long they are and how far from The roof the sit. (Roof to bottom of cross bar) trying to decide between factory and aftermarket. The mopar look like they sit...
  3. Jeep Compass General Discussion
    Anyone know of a roof basket thats direct bolt? I prefer not to do cross bars bc I just don't want the height. I love the Gibo Steath racks but doesn't look like they make them for the compass.
  4. Jeep Compass Modifications
    For both a cross country move and for transporting bikes I am in need of a roof rack for my 2019 Compass and I am also interested in installing a hitch. Are the Mopar roof racks the best bet or could I go with a cheaper option from amazon? I see hitches available for the compass from Mopar but...
  5. Classifieds Forum
    Have a Thule Roof rack that I just took off my 2018 Compass. Includes 2 cross bars (47"), Rapid Podium 460 foot pack, and the fit kit. I have locks in each of the Rapid Podiums that I will include as well. According to Thule, the fit kit will work on any Compass 2017.5 or newer. As you can see...
1-7 of 7 Results