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  1. Wheels and Tires Discussion
    Hi new owner of a 2020 latitude with abou 40k miles. I’m trying to figure out if tires are worn out or need rotating/alignment. When I’m on a road at higher speeds- I hear like the wheels rotating (if that makes sense). Can post a video if necessary, but wanted to see from other compass owners...
  2. 2nd Gen Jeep Compass Forum General Discussion
    I have 225/55R18’s currently on my 2018 Limited and was wondering if I could successfully fit wider tires to improve the fender gap and handling. I was thinking 235’s but I’m not sure, any help is great thank you!
  3. New Tires

    Pirelli Scorpion ATRs
  4. ATR Tires

    Pirelli Scorpion ATRs
  5. ATR Tires

    Pirelli Scorpion ATRs
  6. Jeep Compass New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm super excited to join the community! My 2022 Jeep Compass Trailhawk should be finished getting built next month! I had a couple of questions for my jeep veterans.. I'm not a fan of the wheels.. have any of you installed beadlock or fake beadlock wheels for a more aggressive...
  7. 2nd Gen Jeep Compass Forum General Discussion
    Looking to upgrade my tires and rims... having a hard time seeing if these would work.... Anyone know if these would fit together? And fit without rubbing? Someone suggested the 5x110 not 5x120 for the rims (not entirely sure if that's accurate though)... going for an aggressive look. Toyo...
  8. Wheels and Tires Discussion
    I have a new 2022 Compass Sport 4x4 coming in a few weeks. The stock wheels are hideous and make it look like a rental vehicle.. This is my first time dealing with getting new wheels, so I did some research but am still confused. The Sport 4x4 is listed as having 16x6.5in wheels with a +40mm...
  9. 2nd Gen Jeep Compass Forum General Discussion
    Hi all, Just received this morning my new 2022 jeep compass trailhawk elite. Right now it’s mounted on winter tires as there is still a lot of snow here in Quebec but i’m looking into changing my stock summer tires for something more aggressive. First of all, I‘d like to mention that 2/3 of my...
  10. 2nd Gen Jeep Compass Forum General Discussion
    225/55R18 Falkon Wildpeak AT trail
  11. Classifieds Forum
    Anyone in the Cincinnati area need like new tires? I have 4 for sale. 2 with 7/32nds and the other with 10/32nds. They are Continentals Contiprocontact tires. 400 obo.
  12. 2nd Gen Jeep Compass Forum General Discussion
    I searched high and low for a definitive answer on this, and I found a lot of back and forth. So, this is more for those either abusing the google machine trying to find a straight forward answer. I was able to squeeze 245/65/17 BFG KO2's under my fiance's 2017 Compass Limited 4x4. The Method...
  13. Jeep Compass New Member Introductions
    Hello. I'm the proud owner of a 2018 Compass Trailhawk. After two years and over 50,000 km, it needs new tires, but I'm looking for something more useful for offroading. I have not been able to find any good All Terrain tires with the same measures of the originals (215/65 R17). Wondering if...
  14. Jeep Compass New Member Introductions
    Follow my journey in my compass on Instagram! @trailhawkCrf
  15. Wheels and Tires Discussion
    What is the Biggest tire size w/out a lift and without any rubbing that can fit on a 2019 Jeep Compass? Right now I have 225/55 R 18
  16. Wheels and Tires Discussion
    I'm sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere, but i was wondering if I could run some 15" rims with 235/75R15 tires on them. I know the problem with going down in size is making sure the rim will clear the calipers, and I see tons of 16"-18" wheels, but I found a set of 15"s for sale...
1-16 of 16 Results