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  1. 2012 Manual Transmission Replacement

    Powertrain Discussions
    Hey all! I have a 2012 Compass manual transmaission. The transmission was making a whining noise that you could hear from a block away. My mechanic pulled it out- a pain because it is 4wd- and when you turn the input shaft, you can hear a whirring sound. I think I need to have it rebuilt...
  2. 2007 Jeep Compass in limp mode after new transmission

    Powertrain Discussions
    Hello all I'm new to the forum, but most of all looking for advice.. I bought a 2007 Jeep Compass that was wrecked and I rebuilt it. Anyways it was a 4x4 but I put a fwd transmission in it and now it's in limp mode and I don't know what to do now any advice would be appreciated.. thank you
  3. Hello from Colorado!

    Jeep Compass New Member Introductions
    I’ve owned my 2012 Jeep for two years and it seems like I’ve had problems since the day I bought it. First it was fuel tank issues that was repaired twice. Now it’s transmission issues. I took to Aamco for the free inspection and was told it was the CVT. They said 5000 to fix! How is this...