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Hello all

Maybe someone could give me a lead on a issue I'm having with my 08 rear suspension.

Original Owner of a 08 4x2 Rallye with close to 87000 miles on the clock

3 weeks ago I took it to my mechanic due to a rear squeak coming from the right rear passenger side suspension. Was told it was due to a leak strut valve. Upon further inspection turns out my rear upper controls arm bushings were completely worn (been having a clunking noise for the last 2 years)

Mechanic replaced both rear struts and rear upper control arms. Car drove quiet for a few days. Now I have a knocking noise coming from what sounds like the left rear suspension (not confirmed on the exact location) Car still drives great. It's just an annoying noise at low speeds under 30 MPH and lower

TBH I really cant tell where it's coming from.. To me it sounds like it's coming from the rear end. When the car's warmed up I put weight on the rear end and press up and down I can hear what it sounds like I'm hearing on the road..

Took the car back to the mechanic, had it the whole day. put it on two different lifts, states he can't hear the noise i'm talking about. Told me everything in the rear is tight and no sign of any play. Told me to wait till warmer weather and or if the noise grows louder to bring it back.

To me that's unsatisfactory. But I also don't want to annoy a mechanic who's done me a great deal of service and get on his bad side either. So I'd like to get an idea of what else could be the issue.

Here's what I gathered so far.

*Both rear struts AND rear upper control arms were replaced for 3 days car drove fine.

*New noise appears. Knocking or what sounds like a knocking noise coming from the rear.

*Noise happens only at low speeds have heard it as high 30 MPH have heard it as low as 5 MPH

*Mechanic states he cannot hear it. I However when the car has been driven 20 + miles I can open the liftgate and put weight on the rear suspension and press up and down and I can hear what sounds like the same knocking noise I hear at low speeds..

What could it be!
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