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hi Forum members,
i am a new Compass owner, 2nd hand of course being 2007, and am located just north of Sydney Australia.
My car has been having intermittant starting issues, and of course, was with the dealer a week and did not play up, so they charged me for doing nothing but clearing the codes, and said sorry we cannot find anything.
took my under 5 minutes to diagnose myself....Pulled the connector from the Fuel pump, under back seat, and one of the pins is blackened, both on the pump side, and also the socket of the harness connector. I cleaned up the pin, which pulled clean out of the pump housing by the way, and pushed it back in, connected the plug, and it my Auto Electrician says to get a new pump, but my concern is how a pin can burn out like that, and still work intermittantly....clearly the pump is fine, as it started and ran perfectly after cleaning the fear is that i replace the pump, and maybe that section of wiring harness, and the pin burns again due to some other unknown issue. Any advice from other owners who may have had similar issues? I have never seen a pin burn like this, on a still fully functioning pump....even the fuel sender works fine....just cannot fathom how it can burn out like that ???
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