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After rebuilding my daughters 07 compass from a front end collision, the following items do not function:
3)Windshield wipers
5)Turn Signals
6)Heated seats
7)Instrument lighting

I have checked all the fuses and bulbs(for the lights), changed a turn signal/headlight switch, checked for power at the fuse box( good)but still can not figure out the issue. Wiring Diagrams on line are the worst and I cant find anyone that sells the Haynes/Chilton repair manuals (not even Jeep). Jeep cant even tell me where the relays are located and identify which one does what. We did have some wiring that had to be removed and reinstalled for the front end work. Also her battery was stolen in front of the repair shop that fixed the frame.Reconnected everything that was removed from original spots but still have the above issues and thinking maybe a ground. I did check the grounds that were reinstalled but them seem ok. The only codes are for O2 sensors (PO135 and PO141 codes) changed both sensors and still have issue. Checked the wiring and sensors and they are good. Reset codes several times but they still come back.Also when I push the hazard switch, it lights momentarily and then goes out (short?) but nothing ever works. The hazards and heated seats are on the center cluster and everything else is on the steering column. Te headlights, brake lights work while driving but no tail lights or blinkers. Also something is draining battery after a couple days I have to jump it.Thoughts?????
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