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2007 jeep compass limited 2.4L 4x4

Hello everyone.. Im new here but glad to Find this site.. I have a question about replacing my Rear CV axle half shaft assembly.

I started to remove and replace my Rear wheel bearing hub assembly. Pass. side came off normally and the CV axle Half shaft on that side seemed normal with no Noise. now the Drivers side was different.. I did get the Hub assembly off the control arm, but it is frozen to the CV axle shaft.. and in turn as I was turning the axle on that side I noticed a clunking sound when I rotated it back and forth. This was not present on the Pass. side.

To my actual question, does anyone know how to remove and replace the CV axle shaft? Does it just pull out and the new one pushed back in? are their any Videos or Detailed instructions on this? ANY information would be a Great Help!! Thanks in Advance!!! Dave
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