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I have a 2007 Jeep compass 4x4 Sport that I recently purchased that appears to be stuck in 4wd. I would very much appreciate anything anyone could share with me that might help me troubleshoot what I need to replace:

There are no error lights on
  • 4wd light comes on and off when the 4wd Lock lever is engaged
  • 4WD! light comes on when the ECU fuse is pulled
  • Traction control light works but is not on
  • ABS light works but is not on
  • Check engine light works but is not on
However - the vehicle definitely seems to be stuck in 4wd - I can feel it binding when turning etc. This does not change with 4wd light on or off.
  • Reversing to try to release a mechanical bind had no impact
  • There is an almost "propane" smell in the vehicle - probably dripping or burning gear oil
  • The front differential was replaced 6,000 miles before I bought it
  • The rear differential gets hot when being driven
  • There are no errors in the ODB2 record
One possible issue is that the tires are slightly mismatched (and have been since I bought it)?

I have seen others with a similar challenge posting in other places but nobody has posted a resolution that I can find. There are some issues that are somewhat similar with speed sensor issues but those seem to universally throw a Traction Control error.

I am hoping there is some way to release the ECC somehow and free the rear end?
Are there troubleshooting steps for the PTU / RDA etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Pull the ECC fuse, then you will be in FWD mode and see if that gets rid of the problem.
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