Clean Maine Title in hand of This Silver Jeep Compass has only 58k origional miles snd it always starts and idles properly this Jeep runs ,shifts ,drives straight ,stops straight ,with no strange noises or drivability issues there are no dents or no rips on the seats or headliner .a good deatail and it will look like new . Manual windows manual locks ,Ac Am/Fm /cd player ,all lights ,rear window defogger ,horn and all wipers work ,heat blows hot ac ice cold even the Ac outlet works .This Jeep has always had regualar oil changes ,The rear hatch works properly but if locked will not unlock .The check engine light came on throwing 02 sensor codes ,both sensors were replaced but the rear still throws a code ,most likely it needs a new PCM or a PCM re-flash .The body and floorboards are solid with no rust or rot but it will need the rear subframe and fromt cross members replaced ,the oil and trans pan rotted out and were replaced ..I would drive this jeep anywhere as is and I do use it and drive with out worring about my car breaking down .I was planning to fix it up but my mom died and she left me her 2012 Jeep Patriot Latitude. I am asking for $3250 but will take a cash offer in person I want it out of my driveway asap! ,I am in Maine and would not worry about this Jeep driving to Boston ,Ny ,Nj Canada wherever ,come take a look and make an offer ,if you are a back yard mechanic in a weekend you can install a bunch of new parts into this and turn it over for 10-12k and make 4 or 5 grand or have a new old car for a reasonable price ..make me a cash offer ,this Jeep is worth it for the right person ,it would make a great first car for a kid that wants to learn auto repair ,It makes a great commutor car that gets decent mpgs and almost no amount of snow will stop it..