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Help! I'm trying to get this fixed for my sister before the winter starts. The door chime will chime any time the driver door is open. The remote does not lock the doors anymore (since the jeep things I still have the keys in ignition)

I've taken the plastic off from around the column , hosed the key barrel with oil and it still hasn't stopped. When I unplug the plug at the rear of the ignition cylinder the chime will stop, but then I can't start the car.

There's only I think 4 wires at the rear of the ignition cylinder. Would anyone know which one to cut or ground to permanently fool the system into thinking the key isn't in the ignition ? Would that even work?

I tried taking the ignition cylinder off to inspect it , but it seems it slides off the steering wheel column so I would have to remove the steering wheel and I don't really have the skills for that.
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