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Well my 2008 Compass turns 3 on April 8! I can honestly say I love this car!
Very few problems with it. I did get the tie rod ends replaced under warranty and I had the front control arms replaced also. The original tires were the Good Year all terrain and they lasted about 80'000 kms. I went with some Good Year Nordics for the winter and just put on some Good Year Allegra fuel max last week. I did want the Michelin's that Canadian Tire had on sale but they didn't stock the Michelin's in the size I needed.
The oil still looks brand new when I change it and all of the other fluids looks good too even though they are still the original fluids in it. But other than that its been very good.
The Compass itself still looks like it brand new on the outside and its pretty good looking on the inside too. I got the stain guard when i bought it and it seems to work very well. Still no stains on the seats.
By comparison I bought a 2006 PT Cruiser brand new and it was in the shop a lot!! Way more problems with it in the 18 months I owned it than I have had in the 3 years with the Compass.
I hope that I still get at least two more years before I have to start replacing too many things on it. :)
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