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Good day guys, got a quick question, I am thinking of buying a 2009 Jeep Compass "North Edition" off someone and I am a little hesitant as I won't see it until next week. I need to know as I have never bought a jeep before.

Am I going to fit in that little buggy? I am 6'3" and it looks(by pictures) a bit small, will I have good leg and head room?

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I had a Patriot, sibling to the 1st generation Compass. I think you'll fit OK, but I don't know how much room you need to feel comfortable. That should be the least of your concerns.

There are some important things to watch for:
1) If it has the CVT (automatic transmission) then the fluid and filters (there are two) need to be changed at least every 50,000 miles/80,000kms. Ignore the owners manual, the factory recommendation is far too long. If the owner can't prove it's been done every 50,000miles/80,000kms, then assume it hasn't been done. The tranny may be at the end of its life.
2) Some, not all, of the first generation Compasses had prematurely rusted frames. While it is repairable, I hear of people paying $1500USD for subframe repairs. Cheaper than a tranny, but very easy to check for. If in doubt, have a trusted mechanic check it out for you.

My Patriot is still on the road at 315,000 miles. That's 500,000kms. However, the transmission was replaced twice under warranty. Thankfully it's had no rust problems and it's been in New England all it's life where we use plenty of road salt. Still, enough have had the rust problem, so check it out.

I like my 2008 Patriot we bought another in 2014 for my Wife. Her's is at 180,000 and no problems. (y) I've also had two Compasses and I'm still driving one (the first one got wrecked). :(

At the age of your Compass, you've got to expect some problems -- that's normal for any car that old. However, there's lots of helpful folks on here so you can get a lot of good advice when needed. Hope to see you around the threads! :)
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