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I've been a member for a few month now, but never posted before.

So here it is, this is my first american car, and also my first SUV.

Like I always do, the first thing I do whit my car, is build it to my taste,

aesthetics only, no performance upgrade for this four banger.

Rims, RTX Contour 17''
Spacer, 1 inch custom machined spacer
Top,wing,emblem and grill Pasti-dipped.

Planning on plasti-dipping all the platic part, since I screwed a few one whit the compound paste.

1- Screenshot by Lightshot
2- Screenshot by Lightshot
3- Screenshot by Lightshot
4- Screenshot by Lightshot
5- Screenshot by Lightshot
6- Screenshot by Lightshot

So far so good, can't wait for winter to come and try that 4x4.

Of course, there is a few thing I don't like, plastic are kind of cheap,

that 2.4L four banger is lacking a few HP, i'm doing an average of 260 miles

per tank, wich is not alot. Also, i think my tie rod are already going bad,

probably because I have spacer. I can hear the back squeaking when I hit

speed bump or just pot hole, but I still love it for now.

So here it is, feel free to leave comment and tips.


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Nice compass, I like the color, do you have any pics of your custom spacer, i'm curious how you had your jeep aligned after the lift, since if you don't go with the RRO lift, you wouldn't have adjustable rear upper control arms.

Oops I might be mistaken, is your 1" spacer for your wheels, just looked at the offset of those and its close to factory so it must be the wheel spacer you are talking about, my mistake

Could you post a side shot of your jeep showing those rims
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