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Sorry I have been gone for so long. I have been busy and recently laid off because they closed my office! Ugh!

Anywho, this gave me a chance to get some warranty work done on the Jeep. Here is a list of things I had them look into and fix.

1) Pulled heavily to the right (since purchased).
They just fixed this today, but all they did was rotate the tires. When we first got the Jeep, it pulled to the right anyway, but it had almost 500 miles on it already. I will have to see how it goes in the coming months to see if it was just a bad tire or perhaps bad rim.

2) Steering made whine when turning to the left sometimes (for 3 months) and car would not start and keep cranking (random and since purchased).
After looking at everything, they found the steering fluid was below the recommended minimum level, which I thought they had checked and they said they checked, but I probably should have looked myself to verify. Also, the cranking is apparently part of the "Tip Start" system as described in this thread at the end. It is strange that it sometimes takes longer to start than normal

3) Wind noise from rear passenger door (Since purchased).
This is something else that they "fixed" today. They stated that it had a bad seal, but after driving off the lot and getting up to higher speeds, I can still hear it, although not as bad as before. I will have to have them check into it again because maybe it is the window seal?

4) Interior Trim Covers on sides of front seats (within last month or so).
A few weeks ago, the trim on the passenger side broke mostly off, then just last week after I scheduled an appointment for the warranty work, the driver side broke too. The tab that connects the front part of the trim to the bottom of the seat snapped. From what I can tell, it looks like the outer edge of the seat gets squished down onto the top of that trim without any support and eventually strains that tab and it breaks. Seems like a poor design for that part.

5) Updated PCM
I just thought of this today while I was waiting on my Jeep. I read somewhere in a forum that they periodically come out with updates to the PCM in vehicles that help improve the driveability, such as gearing in CVT's, increase fuel economy and other engine improvements. I asked about it and there was an update so they flashed the chip with the latest program. I have not had a chance to drive much since, but the first thing I noticed was it seemed to change the timing in the engine so that it was smoother running in drive, park, and with the brake on at stop lights.

It is strange, but it seems like just the short time that I have driven the Compass after the warranty work and recently having the oil changed, it drives much better than when we first drove it off the lot, particularly today after the PCM and checking the steering and rotating tires.

I currently have almost 11,000 miles on the Jeep since we got it in March. I am not sure if these problems are isolated or if some are widespread (I know for sure the cranking and turning left then shutting down are big problems looking thru this forum), but I would be interested to see what others are having warrantied on theirs so far.
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