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So I have been mucking about trying to get the radio to work right since I bought the car, essentially it works ok, Nav seems to work, FM radio and yesterday I even managed to get an iPhone 1 to work through the 30pin ipod connector.

The trouble I have been having is streaming music over bluetooth. I have paired my phone (2019 Android Phone) along with various other Android phones from yesteryear and an iPhone5, they all pair with bluetooth, but none of them can stream bluetooth music!

Tried all sorts and nothing seems to work, is this a common problem? I have seen people do it on youtube and it works fine, yet mine wont do it!

So I wondered if anyone new a way to update the unit at all? I checked the Uconnect website and it says my headunit doesnt have any updates according to my VIN number, but after a little reading, it seems some people have updated their units.

Also I wondered what 'upgrades' can be done to this radio, I see there is a spare multiconnector socket on the back of the unit, I understand its a place to plug in a reversing camera (which I'd like to do) but what other upgrades can be added?
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