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I did a lot of mods to my old 2008 FDII Patriot and now my 2012 FDII Compass so I figured I should have a built thread.

Started out as a 2012 FDII Compass Limited with all available options.

First I used the 16” steel rims from my Patriot painted black with my Wrangler Territory tires. LT225/75/16

I then switched all the interior lights to LED’s I don’t have any pics of what they look like since pictures of LED’s tend to come out over exposed, but anyways they are very bright and are 9 LED arrays.
They are very similar to these

36mm 9-SMD LED Festoon Dome Car Light Bulb White -

Sold off my 16” steel rims, and used a set of factory 17” rims with 235/65/17 Cooper discovered AT/3 Tires.

I then had a set of 18” Chrome Caliber RT Rims with 225/60/18 Tires, my theory was to have these on when I wasn’t offroading a lot. Turns out I went offroading too much so I never used them, sold them off.

I then swapped out the backup bulbs and signal bulbs with LED’s as well. For the signal lights front and back I had to wire in resistors to avoid the hyperflash.

I used bulbs similar to these

10~30v 7440 7443 27w Led T10 Cree For Mazda New Design Auto Turning Light Brake Light - Buy T10 Cree For Mazda,Led T10 Cree For Mazda,27w Led T10 Cree For Mazda Product on

I also changed out my headlights which are H11 and 9005 to LED as well.

Used these kits

Cree KIT H11 Pack OF 2 LED Bulbs 25W White 5000K Headlight Lamp LOW Beam FOG JDM | eBay

Cree KIT 9005 HB3 Pack OF 2 LED Bulbs 25W Head Light High Beam Upgrade 5000K JDM | eBay

The beam pattern is close to stock, its more scattered than regular halogen bulbs, but no where near as bad as HID’s, I’ve not had any problems from police or other motorists flashing me. There is a noticeable increase in useable light. I did have to add in resistors to get rid of the hyper flash. The 9005’s also work as the DRL as well. I don’t have pictures yet but I will post them when I do.

The best and most recent mod…… Rocky Road Winch Bumper Kit. Got the Smittybuilt XRC8 Winch with synthetic cable. Also got the Bull bar mount as well. I put 4 X 18W 6 LED spot lights (in a spot pattern) on the bar. I used a wireless control box, so I have a fob to turn them on and off (No wires through the firewall!)

Here on some pics of the install.

All Done

A few notes on the winch and bumper install. The clearance at the front with the winch and the AC condensor (or radiator) is very close. We had to enlarge some of the mounting holes for the winch to make it fit properly. The only problem with doing that is, once the control box for the winch was installed, it prevented the bumper cover from completely fitting on perfectly, so the driver side by the driver wheel well, has a bit of a gap. When I get the lift installed I’m going to move the winch control box and then get everything mounted flush again.

The wiring for the winch is very robust however I think the stock battery is going to not stand up to the test. I did one winch pull, and while I never had any problems I want to pick up a deep cycle pure lead AGM battery. Problem is the stock battery size is quite small and there isn’t a lot of room. I have a Group 34 Deep cycle battery however it was a no go to get it to fit properly.

I also have the Rocky Road lift kit in my possession, but have to wait another week to put it on, as I have some warranty suspension work that is getting done, once that is all fixed up I’ll be throwing the left on.

Only things left to do are,

Rocky Road supersliders
Dual outlet exhaust

Farther into the future if I can find a FDII rear diff in a junkyard I”ll get a shop here to fab me up some sort of locker.

Hope you liked the write up, i'll update with pictures when I get new ones.

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Little update on my lighting situation.

I originally bought 4 18W 1250 lumens LED spot lights (in a spot combination) and mounted them on my Brush bar. While they were very bright they were somewhat overpowered by my LED headlights. So I decided I need to go big or go home. So I bought a 20” 240w LED lightbar rated at 20000 lumens. Finally got it all wired up last night. Basically I don’t need my headlights at all, it pretty much over powers them. You’ll notice in the videos it doesn’t look like either my lightbar or headlights project very far, but my phone camera sucks, so it was hard to get a real idea of how bright and far the through is. I’m going to try to adjust the lightbar tonight and get it aimed to my liking.

My old setup:

Current setup:

Apologies for the shaking video, hard to drive and operate switches at the same time.

This video starts with the low beams on, I switch to high beams, then the light bar on and off a few times.

LED headlights and Lightbar test - YouTube

Here I turn all the lights off, and just use the light bar

20" LED Lightbar 240W - YouTube
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