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Hi all. Hoping for some wise advice.

Have a 2013 Compass, 2.0L CVT.

Background - vehicle has had sporadic sensor/fault issues in the past (maybe three time over five years) typically after a service, and which have been somewhat spurious and checked then cleared by our mechanic. These would typically result in the vehicle going into limp mode, which would go away after fault was cleared.

I am seeking advice on a new issue. When driving something happens and the vehicle will struggle to accelerate any further, unless going downhill. If I then stop at traffic lights, the vehicle is VERY slow to accelerate however it does eventually pick up speed to around 60km/h but struggles to go any faster. Even with foot to the floor, nothing happens.

Transmission was serviced by specialists around 50,000 km based upon guidance from mechanic but not since. Vehicle has now done 110,000km approx.
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