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I'm posting this since I never found any posts or youtube videos related to P0480 on Jeep Compass 2013, hopefully this can also help someone out there. This is my first car, and I'm pretty new to car engines, so when the check engine light suddenly turned on while I was driving, just imagine how worried I was. I immediately checked the error code using Innova 3100 scanner and as soon as I got the error code, I started researching what the issue could be. The check engine light turns on intermittently, it turns off when not using A/C or weather is too cold. When I popped the hood I found that the driver side radiator fan was not turning on causing the error code.

Since we live in Calgary, it's pretty darn long and cold during winter. Even knowing the issue, I was still driving my Compass in short distances and the engine light never turned on. Now, that spring is finally here, I had the time to check the this issue once again.

There were some guesses that me and my dad thought could be the problem
- Fuse issue
- Fan itself is dead/stuck
- Relay issue
- Wiring could be faulty (corroded)
- Temperature gauge is faulty

We initially checked the fuse box and everything looks OK, nothing busted. Next is the fan, to make sure that it's free and can spin, that looked OK too. My dad thought of checking the wiring and power to the fan, but that was too much work so I then checked the relay box. The location of the relay box is at the lower side of the back of the driver's side headlights.

I have small thin hands so I was able to access it and popped the cover open. After opening the relay box cover, I inspected each relay and found out that there were 2 relays with 1 pin corroded. The relay itself does not have one of the pins anymore. One pin got damaged and stuck and the other turned to green dust.

With the white cap on, I can't see how bad the corrosion was, so I had to remove the white cap to inspect.

I was able to remove the white cap by pulling it carefully with pliers

Even after removing the white cover off the relay box, it was still very hard to check from the top of the engine. We had to remove the driver's front side wheel and the plastic mud guard to access it. There were 3x 7mm and 1x 10mm nuts screwed on the bumper that needed to be removed, and 2 plastic caps/screws at the bottom and one plastic cap/screw on the inner side. After this I was able to swing fold the mud cover away to have access to the relay box. Sorry I was not able to take a video or photo.

After I had good access to the relay box, I cleaned it by using a fine precision tool (I used it for fixing watches) and some WD40. (I'm not 100% sure with WD40 tbh, but one mechanic told me that this should be OK?) As you can see most of the green stuff were removed, but one of the metal that clips the relay got corroded, but this still had a good contact to the metal when inserting a working relay.

So after cleaning, I went to Auto Value and purchase my relays ($6 each). I thought of buying another relay box as spare, but the guy I spoke with said that this can only be bought from Chrysler.

After this was done, we tested it by turning the AC on full blast. In deed, both fans started to run! We waited for 5-10 minutes while the A/C is running to check for engine lights and none. When this was all good after the A/C test, I closed the relay box and my dad wrapped an electrical tape to prevent mud or water from getting in the box.

Then we just put everything back to where it was. The next is to test this on a hot summer day - which is 3-4 months from now.
Hopefully, this helps those guys who are facing this kind of issue.

Thanks for reading,
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