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It started happening about one month ago. It seemed to only happen when there was raining or damp outside. Turn the key to start and it would crank over for a spell then eventually start. It did this a few times, so I thought that maybe the boots to the spark plugs were arching over causing this. Fuel pump could be heard when the key turned on, so I knew it had gas.
I removed the spark plug boots and checkd them all, put some dielectric grease inside the boot so as to prevent any moisture intrusion. Seemed to work OK after that.
Lo and behold, about a week later, same thing, only this time, it would not start.
I was lost at what to look at since I had never received any trouble codes or engine lights.

I searched the internet and came across a video that claimed to solve this mystery. The cause is from a corroded (broken) pin on the start micro relay. The relay panel sits in the driver side inner fender, and easily accessed by removing the wheel, and the inner fender plastic liner. The panel can be removed from the mount by lifting it straight up. The bottom and top covers are removed to access the relays and underneath, the wires. I instantly saw the corrosion on the wiring side, removed the top right relay and the corrosion had eaten the relay pin. The corroded pin was still in the relay panel wire connector. There was no way to get that pin out of the connector, so I cut the wires (4) installed female connectors and installed a new relay on to the new connectors. I then attached the new relay outside the relay panel, and wrapped in in protective sheating to preven tany moisture intrusion.
I'm just wondering if anyone else had the same starting issue, and how did the dealership correct the issue, and the cost. Since there were no codes, I'm wondering how many hours were charged, and how many unneeded parts were charged.

Here is the vedeo for Info.
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