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I recently purchased a 15’ Compass and wanted more than the stock RES130 and didn’t want to spend a fortune. After doing some research, I came up with the Poweracoustik PDN-626B. It has a ton of features.. Navigation, backup cam option, USB, etc. I installed it with a license plate mounted camera. I haven’t done a radio install since I was a teenager but the install wasn’t too bad. I invested in a $10 dash pry tool set and that was money well spent. Also, it helped watching a couple of youtube videos but not one covered a 2015 Compass. The install did take me 2 days but I wasn’t in a big hurry. All the plastic trim snapped out and back together perfectly, no broken clips. Couldn’t be happier this upgrade. A huge difference. The stock speakers are a good fit, but? .. A couple of notes from the install;

The original mounting bracket inside the dash needs to be removed. The PDN626 is slightly taller than the stock radio. 2 Phillips head mounting screws and a light tap with a rubber mallet to break it free.

The GPS antenna was mounted under the dash, on a flat spot of the ductwork . Haven’t had a problem yet picking up a signal.

One thing I was disappointed with. I purchased an aftermarket wire harness/dash kit. However, the red 12v wire to the ignition switch had to be wired separately. On my vehicle, I tied it into the red wire to the AC Inverter plug. I don’t have that option so the plug wasn’t used. It’s kinda hard to find, you have to feel around for it. Mine was electrical taped back to the harness.

When hooking up the power leads from the camera (Red = + , and Red/Black = -) to the reverse light on the tail light (White/Green = + , and Blue/Black = - ) at least for my 2015 Compass.

On the backup camera video cable (yellow RCA) going from the camera into the PDN626. The red wire from the camera to the green reverse lead of the PDN626.

Other than that, it’s a great system so far. It doesn't have satellite radio capability though.
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