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Hi! I just picked up my first Jeep, a Jeep Compass with the High Altitude Package. I have searched for a couple of hours without success regarding that High Altitude Package and what it contains. The sticker doesn't seem to list any specifics, I'm thinking it just means it's been cheapened down with some of trip computer components and GPS features not included. Admittedly I was probably spoiled with my 4 year old Chrysler 200 I traded in for this Compass, but not to have voice controlled GPS on the Garmin GPS is very disappointing. The "trip compass" only has toggles for Trip A, Trip B, regular odometer and outside temperature without any fuel information, i.e. miles to empty, MPG, etc. is also disappointing.

The Uconnect Compass Radio 430N/RHB that has the integrated Garmin GPS is not as user friendly as the Chrysler 200 Uconnect was. After two weeks, I'm still having difficulties adding favorites to the GPS destinations and so far I can only add them when I am at a destination and have to manually type in the titles of the destination. And to delete a favorite, such as Garmin Europe, which I am pretty sure, living in New England, I will never have a need to drive to, seems to be impossible. I can't seem to find a way to even delete all favorites, so far.

I would very much appreciate any help for my picky little problems, if anyone out there has any hints for me.

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