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Hello Folks,

I am at my wits end with my Wifes Compass. We got it brand new in 2017 and since around 2018 it has been making this odd rhythmic thumping sound whenever we come to an idle, almost exclusively after the engine has been warmed up and driven for about 30 minutes. It's kind of hard to hear, actually we only heard it because we were pulled over in the back roads in Vermont once looking at a map. We thought someone was having some sort of party near the lake where we pulled over because it actually sounds like a distant bass from music, but that wasn't the case. We have brought it to the dealer 3 times, a private shop once and they have replaced the Fan Assembly (Private Shop), the dealer couldn't hear it the first 2 times since you REALLY have to be listening and it must be fairly quiet outside (we live in brooklyn). The 3rd time the dealer replaced the top right engine mount which I believed they just did this to say they did SOMETHING. We did take it on a very minor trail once to cut some time off the main road and it felt like we possibly hit the undercarriage on a rock (but not insanely hard). She has the Latitude trim level with the Freedom Drive II package, so it has skids underneath but they definitely don't cover every single component.

It's really hard to tell where it's coming from because when you go outside of the vehicle it becomes extremely hard to hear it or it's not coming from out there. Anyway any help would be appreciated, when we bring it in people think we're making it up. Thanks - Mike

TLDR; Rhythmic thumping (bass like) sound noticed when idling in quiet area after driving around 30 minutes and engine is warmed up.
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