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Hello there am new to all this but i could do with a little help, i got my 2018 Compass 4 weeks ago and have some hic ups

1 New battery already
2 Air Con blowing warm ?
3 Stop Start Not working
4 Phone app not saving telephone number i have saved to it ?

its going back in on the 23rd of this month and want to go back with some sort of questions to ask or answers to give

First Picture is the screen shot of the intake air temp // now i live in England and we have rain/snow and a little sun but we never get -40 ( this never changes warn or cold its the same ) ,,,, is this right ?


Next Screen Shot is the battery Status the garage say its a new battery but it never get above 87% is this correct or should i be seeing 100%

Any help in this would be GREAT thank you all
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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