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I leased an '18 Compass 5 months ago and with spring and summer approaching I would like to add a roof rack and kayack rack to it. My dealer wants like $600 (may or may not include labor) to install the carrier and kayak rack. I think that may be too much at this point, because when I give the car back Ill be keeping the roof rack and possibly offloading it to someone else. (maybe ill keep the jeep)

Im just looking for some guidance as I have almost no idea what Im looking for, or what I actually need.

I saw this on ebay: (pretty cheap compared to MOPAR, almost $200 less)

Would this work as a roof rack for me? If so, once I get that installed, can I use ANY kayak rack on the market or does that also have to be specifically for the jeep compass? i.e.

It seems like there isnt much available yet for the Compass, which makes sense. Am I on the right track?

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