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It looks like the individual fuses and relays are part of the headlight wiring harness
Not sure how you get that - it's clearly labeled that they're in the "Power Distribution Center - HID." Finding that is the difficult thing. It's tucked in the rear/right corner of the Engine Compartment Fuses/Distribution Unit.

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The relays are marked 34F231003 and 1/11297/87, which can be found by searching. The former seems to be a Stellantis EU part number, the latter the OEM (Omron) one. There's no doubt a MOPAR number, but I haven't found a cross-reference. Looks like a common micro relay, this would probably work as a replacement. You can even find ones with a higher current rating. YMMV, I haven't tried any of these, haven't had any HID issues.
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