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Has anyone experienced issues with their navigation system like this? Sometimes mine will function as normal, but then 5-10 minutes into my drive it will start malfunctioning.

The screen starts going in and out with lines until eventually it blacks out. I realize if I push down on the bottom of the screen where the cover is it will come back occasionally.

It didn’t start happening until after I had a wreck that impacted my drivers front side. I took it to the jeep dealership after the repair to get it checked out and they told me it wasn’t covered under warranty and not caused from the wreck and was some sort of internal issue that would cost me $850 and out of a car for a week.

Any help or experience with this is appreciated!

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Hi Kenherring,

We're happy to learn more details about your dealer visit and to take a look into this for you. Feel free to send us a PM with your VIN and current mileage to discuss further.

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