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My Jeep failed my state inspection today because the tailgate brake light (3rd brake light) does not come on when depressing the brake pedal. When I turn on the fog lights, it works. The 10 amp fuse checks out fine and both my main brake lights work when depressing the pedal. Any ideas? Are the brake and fog light the same unit?

Update: I ran a voltmeter on the wiring harness and am NOT getting voltage when the brakes are depressed. I AM getting voltage when the fog lights are turned on. Is this thing even supposed to come on when I turn the fogs on?

I've attached a picture of the wiring diagram... maybe someone can help me understand what I'm looking at.


So short backstory. I had to get my Jeep shipped to England in 2013 for the military. They did a light conversion on it because they have different laws for fog lights and such. I had no idea they pulled all my panels off, cut the supply wire from the brake switch and wired the third brake light into the fog lights. WTF. I just got back from fixing the entire thing. Luckily it didn't take very long once I saw this strange black wire running from my fog light harness... I've always thought the third brake light illuminating with the fog lights was normal. lol Shows how much I know.


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