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Just purchased the new HERE 2017 Map and software update for the 730N RHR ,
the software update installed just fine with the ignition key on, but not running, and when installing the map update it ask for the activation code which came with the paper work.
unfortunately it showed invalid. wtf. I tried several times but no luck. finally I call HERE maps, and they gave me another code to try, but still no luck, after going around and around they told me take to the dealer. Really ! just for a map update.. so to the dealer i went and low and behold I had the head radio tech guy scratching his head. he is the one that got my backup camera working for me. He was telling me that the jeep vin# is assigned to this radio and the code should work. ( when you order from Here maps they assign the activation code to your Vin #) so I made an appointment for next week to have it hook up to the computer hopefully to find the problem.
Today I couldn't stand it any more and decided to try one more time, Now I know that I saw the vin # in the menu some ware when I first installed the radio, but dame if I can find it now!
did a system reset and that didn't work, so I looked some more and found the location of the vin# under nav menu- database info. the vin was there but no #, so I STARTED THE CAR and the vin # came up. wow! with the engine running I put the update in and the activation code worked. I turned the engine off but left the key on and the update took 2 hr.
no ware in the instructions does it say to start the car, just put it in run/on you would of thought the dealer and Here would of know that. Now I can cancel my trip to the dealer...:smile_big:
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