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Hello all!

I tried searching for a similar post, but couldn't come up with anything solid.

I recently had a brake job done on my 2008 compass (new front rotors and pads + rear pads). While driving home from my mechanic, the lights mentioned in the post title came on. I called up the mechanic, drove it back, and he ran a scan on it. Apparently it was something with the speed sensor on one of the wheels.

He cleaned it all out (thinking it was just something interfering with the sensor), however, the light was back on within a day. I took it back again, and he thought it might be a clamp that holds the ABS sensor wire in or something like that. Apparently to replace the clamp you need to replace the entire bearing, so he used some silicone adhesive to secure the wire instead. That worked for about another day, but the lights came back on again.

Any ideas of what may be causing this? Where it came on right after the brake job, I'd say chances are pretty good that the mechanic inadvertently broke something, but I'm not sure what it could be. I'm hesitant to take it somewhere else, because I don't want to be given a big bill to fix it if it wasn't my fault or the result of normal wear and tear...

Thanks in advance!
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