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Hey everyone,
I own a 2010 Jeep compass with around 112K miles that has given me a lot of problems unfortunately. First the transmission went out and I had that and a lot of little things replaced. However the most recent one was getting a new ABS module installed because my car was having a hard time accelerating from a stop and revving really high before shifting. After getting that fixed it ran great for about 4 months but it is doing the same thing again.
It is scary pulling out or into an intersection because I never know if my car is gonna take off like it should or very slowly crawl out till something kicks in an accelerates. It is still under warranty and I can take it in to the shop that previously fixed it but its 3 hours away and I have already decided I will not put any more money into the car.

So my long winded question is can I just remove the ABS fuses to remedy this and just rely on my own braking habits without any effect on the car for a long term or even short term?

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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