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Recently purchased an 08 limited 2.4 fwd w/140k for $800 to use as a 3rd/backup vehicle. This vehicle runs perfect but I'm having an issue with the Airbag warning light staying on.

I did my research checked the 2 10amp red fuses #29-30. Unplugged and cleaned connectors under the seats. Seat belts seem good and all function correctly. Also my neighbor plugged it in and no codes showed up, the warning light actually stayed off for about 20 min when I drove then came back on and stayed on.

The other 2 possibilities are the ORC module and the clock spring.

I've been driving it for a few days now, put about 150 miles on it and I'm impressed how good it drives but I have a 10 day tag before inspection.

I also noticed the warning light comes on and off when it pleases and at times it will chime 10 times in 5 minutes then won't chime at all for rest of the trip.

Any feedback would be well appreciated. Thank you
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