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Noticed something with the latest AlfaOBD - lots of changes in Body Computer options. I wanted to play with Signature Lighting, it's no longer there. And, a bunch of other changes, including new stuff if one wants to play around.

Here's from the new...

   Stop&Start:  Absent
   Window Express Feature//Auto Closing/Opening Configuration:  Absent
   Remote Trunklid Release Button Type:  Unlock
   Driver Side:  Left Side
   Front Fog Lights:  Present
   Front Fog Lights Dropout:  Present
   Rear Fog Lights Configuration:  No Lights
   Remote Control Type:  2 buttons
   Head Lights Washer:  Absent
   Hill Holder System:  Present
   Heated Mirror:  Present
   Rear Wiper Motor:  Present
   Logistic mode:  Present
   Cornering Light/Sidemarkers:  Present
   Rain Sensor:  Present
   Bi-Functional Headlamp Shutter:  Present
   Day Running Light (DRL):  Present
   DRL Turn Light Strategy/DRL dropout:  Present
   WindShield Heated Wiper De-icer:  Present
   Hood Ajar Switch:  Absent
   Sunroof:  Absent
   Emergency Stop Signalling:  Disabled
   Fuel Type:  Gasoline
   Removable Ceiling Light:  Absent
   Horn Chirp Duration//D Plus Signal Source(Dart/UF):  Short//ECM
   Rear Parking Lights Type/Tail Lamp Type:  Light Bulb
   Additional Tail Light:  Absent
   Logistic Mode Manual Procedure//Emergency Switch:  Absent
   Heated Seats:  Front seats
   Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Present:  Present
   Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Variant:  Premium
   Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Configuration:  Logic 1 - US=NHSTA, ENABLE WARNING
   Side Markers:  Absent
   Rear Heated Window Present:  Present
   Battery Type:  Battery Not Changed
   Advanced Driver Configuration Type Button:  Absent
   Passive Entry Present:  Present
   Tire Circumference, mm: 2149 mm
   Washer Fluid Level Sensor:  Present
   Dual Fuel Sensor:  Absent
   WindSheild Type Variant:  Acoustic
   Engine Type:  2.4L Tiger Shark 185hp//2.9 V6 510CV(GIULIA)//I4 2.0L (Diesel) FamB TD (135 & 165 HP) (EBT)(CHEROKEE)
   Fuel Tank Capacity, liters: 51 liters
   Body Type:  SUV
   Automatic High Beam (AHBM) Feature:  Present
   Headlamp Delay Feature:  Absent
   Xenon Headlamp:  Present
   Number Of Doors:  4 Doors
   Trunk Door:  Present
   Trunk Door Type:  Liftgate
   Digital Television Feature(do not set together with Back Lateral Doors Type):  Disabled
   Back Lateral Doors Type (do not set together with DTV feature):  Hinged Doors
   Cargo Area Lock Switch:  Absent
   Alarm system:  Present
   Remote control key:  Absent
   Siren:  Horn
   UltraSonic Sensor:  Absent
   Anti-inclination Sensor:  Absent
   Auto Unlock Strategy:  Present
   Immobilizer:  Absent
   Max Vehicle Capacity:  Undefined
   Wheelbase:  C-sedan//2322//2570 (500x/Renegade/GIULIA)//short - 2950 (Pro Master)
   Front Turn Signal LED:  Absent
   Rear LED Turn Signals:  Absent
   Global Windows Down:  Present
   Electro Chromatic Mirror:  Present
   Keyless Go:  Present
   Relock Strategy:  Present
   Cooled Seats:  Absent
   Speedometer Tolerance, %: 0 %
   Front Passenger Airbag Disable Switch Via Menu:  Not Active
   Gear Shift Indicator:  Present
   Heated Washer Nozzle:  Absent
   Easy Entry Menu//Buzzer Type(Dart/UF):  Absent//Internal
   Service Coupon Number:  0
   Distance To Service, km: 0 km
   Head Lights Levelling:  Absent
   Side Illumination:  Absent
   Instrument Panel Cluster Internal Light Sensor:  Present
   Tachometer Present:  Absent
   CM Rif:  2.4L Tiger Shark 185hp
   Heater  Ventillation and AC, Type:  Automatic
   Parking Heater:  Absent
   Automatic Recirculation:  Absent
   Anti-Frost Sensor:  Present
   Anti-Pollution Sensor:  Absent
   Anti-Fog Humidity Sensor:  Present
   PTC Heater:  Absent
   Max Defrost Strategy:  Independent Mix
   Rear Climate Control:  Absent
   Auto-On Comfort:  Absent
   Integrated Climate Touchscreen:  Present
   Front Driver Airbag:  Present Dual Stage
   Front Passenger Airbag:  Present tri stage
   Left Window Curtain Airbag:  Present
   Right Window Curtain Airbag:  Present
   Driver Knee Airbag:  Present
   Passenger Knee Airbag:  Absent
   Left Seat Airbag:  Present
   Right Seat Airbag:  Present
   Rear Seat Airbag:  Absent
   Front Passenger Airbag Disable Switch:  Absent
   Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) Logic:  NHTSA
   Lateral Pressure Sensor:  Absent
   Lateral B Pillar Sensor:  Absent
   Lateral C pillar Sensor:  Absent
   Lateral D Pillar Sensor:  Absent
   Electronic Pedestrian Protection (EPPM):  Absent
   Front Driver Pretensioner:  Present Dual Stage
   Front Lateral Passenger Pretensioner:  Present Dual Stage
   Front Central Passenger Pretensioner:  Absent
   Rear Lateral Passengers Pretensioner Present:  Absent
   Rear Central Passenger Pretensioner:  Absent
   Driver Buckle Switch Pretensioner:  Absent
   Front passenger Buckle Switch Pretensioner:  Absent
   Rear Lateral Passengers Buckle Switch pretensioner Present:  Absent
   Rear Central passenger Buckle Switch Pretensioner:  Absent
   Driver Buckle Switch:  Present
   Front Passenger Buckle Switch:  Present
   Rear Lateral Passenger Buckle Switches Present:  Absent
   Rear Central Passenger Buckle Switch:  Absent
   Front Central Buckle Switch:  Absent
   Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) Unit Present:  Absent
   Front Lateral Passenger Presence Detection:  Absent
   Front Central Passenger Presence Detection:  Absent
   Front Passenger Presence Detector (PPD) Type:  OCS
   Rear Passenger Presence Detection (PPD):  Absent
   Rear Passenger Presence Detector (PPD) Type:  Weight Sensor
   Driver Seat Track Position:  Present
   Passenger Seat Track Position:  Present
   Driver Active Head Restraints:  Absent
   Passenger Active Head Restraints:  Absent
   Front Crash Sensor:  Absent
   Front Driver Anchor Pretensioner:  Present
   Front Lateral Passenger Anchor Pretensioner:  Present
   Rollover Sensor:  Absent
   Hood Switch Type:  Ajar Not Diagnosed
   Rear View Camera:  Present
   Adaptive Cruise Control Type:  Absent
   Forward Collision Mitigation Type:  Absent
   Low Speed Collision Mitigation:  Absent
   Park With Stop:  Absent
   Side Distance Warning/Blind spot detection:  Absent
   Electronic Brake System Type Variant:  VDC + Hill Holder + ASR
   Hill descent control:  Absent
   Selector Logic Type:  Logic 1 - NOT STORED, SPORT MODALITY
   Brake Type Variant:  Small/Medium//NAFTA copper free premium(CHEROKEE)
   Steering Ratio Rack Pinion Type:  64 C Factor(CHEROKEE)//15.55 (AWD Other) (Compass/Renegade)
   Paddle Shift:  Absent
   Track Width Variant:  C-Segment//1460//1540(500x/Renegade/GIULIA)//Standard (Pro Master)
   Drive Style Selector:  Terrain Selector//DNA + Race(GIULIA)
   Dynamic Steering Torque (DST) Presence:  Present
   Drive Selector Type:  Absent
   Suspension Configuration Rear:  Undefined(GIULIA//CHEROKEE)
   Suspension Configuration Front:  Type AWD QV (GIULIA)//Performance(CHEROKEE)
   Configuration Family: Undefined
   Parking Brake Type:  EPB integrated in BSM (actuators Gen4)
   Quick Keylock:  Not Active
   Trunk Pressure Type:  Double Pressure
   Drive Type Variant:  Single Speed AWD//AWD (Open Diff,  Dart)
   Intelligent Alternator Module (IAM) Unit:  Absent
   Cruise control:  Present
   Speed Limiter:  Absent
   Alternator Class:  Undefined
   Water in Fuel Sensor:  Absent
   Speed Limiter Threshold:  Undefined
   Blow By Heater:  Absent
   Final Drive Ratio:  3929//3.734 (EP2/ATX)(CHEROKEE)
   Fuel Heater:  Absent
   DPF Regeneration On Demand:  Absent
   Ignition Pre Start Logic:  Enabled
   Shifter Type Variant:  Not applicable
   Tow Haul Switch:  Absent
   Backup Vehicle Start:  Absent
   Power Seats:  Present
   Axle Ratio: 3833
   Transfer Case Low Ratio: 0
   Transfer Case High Ratio:  No Tcase
   Transmission Model:  C635 MTX//ZF S6-53 MTX(GIULIA)//AISIN MTX(CHEROKEE)
   Transmission Type:  MTX
   Electronic Range Select (ERS)/Autostick Presence:  None
   SCR Presence:  Absent
   Select Speed Control Feature:  Absent
   Clutch Interlock Message:  Absent
   ABS Function - Hill Start Assist:  Absent
   ABS Function - Select Speed Control:  Absent
   ABS Function - Trailer Sway Control:  Present
   ABS Function - Adaptive Cruise Control:  Absent
   ABS Function - Regenerative Brake System:  Present
   ABS Function - Dynamic Steering Torque:  Absent
   ABS Function - Park Assis:  Absent
   ABS Function - MSR:  Present
   Fuel Shut Off Type:  Fuel Cut Off
   Clutch Interlock:  Enabled
   Cold Start:  Enabled
   Adaptive Cruise Control Variant:  Short Time Gap, mph
   Suspension Button:  Absent (SDM Not Present)
   PAM Tuning Set:  Easy/High 4ch or Easy 8ch//Modale(GIULIA)//Trailhawk(CHEROKEE)
   Semi-Automatic Parking System:  Absent
   Driver Assistant System (DASM) Tuning set:  Type 1/385
   Front DTV Camera:  Absent
   Side DTV Camera:  Absent
   Vehicle Line Configuration: 552/MP
   Proxi File Lengh: 149
   Country Code: MARKET 2 // United States of America
   Remote Start:  Absent
   TIP Start:  Absent
   Twilight Sensor:  Present
   Special Brand Configuration:  No Special Brand
   Rear Sun Shade:  Absent
   Cooling Fluid Level Sensor // Flipper glass (CHEROKEE):  Absent
   Illuminated Approach Menu:  Present
   Vehicle Overspeed Warning:  Absent
   Alternate Odometer Units:  Present
   DPF Present:  Absent
   DRL Menu:  Enabled
   Auto-Lock Menu:  Disabled
   Oil Information:  Enabled
   Ambient Temperature Sensor:  Present
   RPM Dumper Calibration:  Undefined
   Turbo Parameter:  Absent
   Remote Keyless Entry (RKE):  Absent
   Hill Start Menu:  Present
   Intrusion Alarm Menu:  Absent
   Radio Type:  Level 2 (R1 Low)
   Cluster Display Type:  TFT color display (3.5'')
   Street and Racing Technology (SRT):  Absent
   COM Module:  Present
   Digital Clock:  Absent
   Temperature Display:  Absent
   Power Inverter:  Absent
   Audio System Type:  BEATS
   SDARS Travel Link:  Absent
   Power Door Locks:  Present
   Disable CD Eject:  Absent
   Browsing Enabled:  Absent
   Surround:  Present
   DAB Radio Disable:  Disabled
   Phase Diversity Present:  Absent
   Main Antenna Supply Configuration:  Absent
   Acoustic Configuration: Not defined
   External Media Ports Configuration:  AUX + USB + extra USB
   Wi-Fi Configuration:  Absent
   Microphone Tuning Parameter:  Mic Tuning Set 1/Sedan 1
   Vehicle Track, mm: 1300 mm
   GPS Dead Reckoning:  Absent
   Switch Off Time:  20 min
   TMC (traffic messaging channel) Pro:  Absent
   Steering Wheel Switchbank Type:  14 LIN buttons NAFTA
   Microphone Configuration:  2 Microphones//Set To Always(Dart)
   Microphone Type:  Peiker 300mv
   Heater  Ventillation and AC (HVAC) Zone Control:  2-zone
   Park Assist Configuration:  Rear
   IR Remote Control for Radio:  Absent
   Voice Recognition Activation:  2 buttons
   Flash Hazard Lamps On Lock:  Present
   Combined Rear Lighting:  Present
   Dead Lock:  Absent
   Horn Chirp Enables:  Both Access and Alarm
   Horn Chirp Menu:  Present
   Key-In Warning:  Absent
   Auto Decklid Release:  Absent
   Additional Languages:  Default Languages
   Compass Display:  present on IPC and VP
   Navigation:  Absent
   Speaker Configuration:  Front Tweeter MidRange and Midwoofer Rear Tweeter and Midwoofer Centerfill SubWoofer
   Audio Repetition:  Present
   Exterior Mirror Turn Signals:  Absent
   Exterior Mirror Courtesy/Puddle Lamps:  Absent
   FOB Safe:  Absent
   Memory System:  Absent
   Power Folding Mirror:  Absent
   Universal Garage Door Opener (UGDO):  Absent
   Fleet:  Absent
   Ambient Dimmer Switch:  Present
   AM/FM Antenna Type:  Active
   FM 2:  Absent
   DAB:  Absent
   SDARS:  Present
   GPS:  Absent
   Cellular:  Absent
   Navigation Info Repetition:  Present
   Phone Info Repetition Present:  Present
   Front Passenger Seat Bin:  Absent
   DRL Type//Front Bench Seat (Dart):  Light Bulb // Absent
   Seat Material:  Cloth
   Heated Steering Wheel:  Present
   Steering Wheel Material:  Technoleather/Full Leather
   Tow Hooks:  Absent
   Model year: 2018
   Sky Slider:  Absent
   Front Facing Camera (FFCM) Human Machine Interface (HMI) Setting:  Level 2 (full)
   Front Facing Camera (FFCM) Torque Sensitivity:  Level 2 (full)
   After-wipe:  Disabled
   Wireless Charging Unit (WCPM):  Absent
   Panic:  Present
   Compass Mounting Orientation:  Right Side Up
   Compass Mounting Angle, Deg: 0 Deg
   Number of Days To Service: 0
   Brake System Family:  Undefined
   Terrain selector modes:  4 modes
   4 Weel Drive Low Button:  Absent
   Vehicle Brand:  Jeep
   Off-Road Pages:  Absent
   Turbo Pressure Display:  Absent
   Smart Wiper Motor:  Absent
   Double Pressure Time, sec: 5 sec
   Internal Lighting With Dimming:  Present
   Lock With Door Open:  Present
   Rear Doors Relock Present:  Absent
   Combined Rear View Mirror Module (CRVMM):  Present
   Passive Entry Menu:  Present
   Remote Door Unlock Menu:  Present
   Sound Horn with Remote Start Menu:  Absent
   Auto Park Brake Menu:  Present
   Automatic Reset of TripB Menu:  Present
   Navigation Info Repetition Menu:  Absent
   Phone Info Repetition Menu:  Present
   Audio Repetition Menu:  Present
   Units of Tire Pressure Menu:  Present
   Flash Lights With Lock Menu:  Present
   Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Maintenance Menu:  Present
   Auto Door Unlock Menu:  Present
   Automatic High Beam (AHBM) Feature Menu:  Present
   GSI Type:  GSI
   Auto Vehicle Hold Menu:  Absent
   Stop&Start Type:  FGA type
   Accessory Switch Bank (ASBM):  Absent
   Stop&Start Button Source:  Hardwired
   ECO Mode Present:  Absent
   ECO Mode Latch:  Eco Mode not available
   Ambient Lighting Function:  Absent
   Vehicle Package:  None
   Audio Brand:  No Audio Brand
   Welcome Feature:  Present
   RPM Shift In Progress:  Absent
   DMS Redirect Menu:  Absent
   Turbo Parameter MAX, mbar: 0 mbar
   Acceleration Display:  Absent
   Engine Torque Display:  Absent
   GG Diagram Display:  Absent
   Torque Distribution Display:  Absent
   Engine Torque Parameter MAX, Nm: 0 Nm
   APPS Presence:  Absent
   Remote Headlights Off Delay:  Absent
   Connected Services:  Absent
   ECSB:  Absent
   Starter Type:  Type 14
   Safety Engine Off Strategy:  Present
   Hybrid Type:  Not Applicable
   Dimming Level Selector Type:  Nine Levels
   Additional Language Selection:  Absent
   HALF Configuration Family:  Undefined//Halogen(GIULIA)
   Average Fuel Consumption RIF, km/L: 0 km/L
   Neutral Sensor:  Present
   HLS Type:  Type2 - stable
   Puddle Lights:  Absent
   Model Equipement:  Latitude//HRLS Hum (GIULIA)
   Headlamp LED Management:  Absent
   Central Lock/Unlock Key Cylinder:  Not Active
   Increasing speed constant:  0
   Front WSS Type:  Without Direction (2  levels)//Normal(GIULIA)
   Rear WSS Type:  Without Direction (2  levels)//Normal(GIULIA)
   PAM Push Button:  Absent
   EC Mirror Hard Button Present:  Present
   Auto Power Folding Mirrors:  Absent
   Trunk Button Location:  Not Present
   Second Battery Type:  70 Ah  JCI GSE T4 NAFTA
   AUX Port:  Absent
   SD Present:  Absent
   Number of USB Ports:  Absent
   Auto-On Comfort Menu:  Absent
   Redundant Door Ajar Switch Type:  Digital
   HFRM Module:  Absent
   AGS Unit:  Absent
   Street Bending Light Type:  Type 1

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Oil Information: Enabled
I've tried this before with no luck, are you able to get an oil life remaining % display?

Off-Road Pages: Absent
Don't recall this one, might be worth trying, but I bet the software is not on our head units so likely won't work.

Acceleration Display: Absent Engine Torque Display: Absent
GG Diagram Display: Absent Torque Distribution Display: Absent
Interesting, I think these are new too. Like most stuff probably won't do anything though.

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The same guy on youtube has made reference a couple of times about some settings requiring a four-digit PIN code from the dealer to make some changes. Has anyone here run into anything like that yet?
I have a 2015 ram and I needed the pin to program more keyfobs. I had to have ID and registration card to get it from the dealer. It took 5 full min for them to find it. but I have it now.

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I have a 2015 ram and I needed the pin to program more keyfobs. I had to have ID and registration card to get it from the dealer. It took 5 full min for them to find it. but I have it now.
I just came in from trying to turn off the start / stop on my daughter's 2017 Trailhalk and found out I need the 5 digit pin code for her car. I will go and get it tomorrow.

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I finally got around to trying the off road pages just to see. My current proxy alignments are failing on the ABS module. Usually this is an error code that needs cleared. I logged into the ABS module and cleared the code there (a config mismatch). I also logged into the body computer and cleared the code there (same config mismatch). But the proxy config was still failing. I rolled back my changes, and everything is good again. Suggestions on what to clear? I think I ran into this before, but forget what module had the culprit.

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I normally just clear the codes in the body computer. I noticed it works if you don't turn the vehicle off and just switch out to the gray cable with it in the on position

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Where is the auto start/stop setting? I have downloaded the latest revision of the software ( for PC, but I never found in in previous versions either. The closest thing I've found is in the body computer section where you can test the indicator light.
  • Start/Stop Button LED
    • The LED turns on for a few seconds
I have gone as far as typing 8 pages of the options in AlphaOBD for second generation compass in a Word document. I'm still not seeing it.
I also do not see any search function to use. Where is the search function?

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Where is the auto start/stop setting? I have downloaded the latest revision of the software ( for PC, but I never found in in previous versions either. The closest thing I've found is in the body computer section where you can test the indicator light.
  • Start/Stop Button LED
    • The LED turns on for a few seconds
I have gone as far as typing 8 pages of the options in AlphaOBD for second generation compass in a Word document. I'm still not seeing it.
I also do not see any search function to use. Where is the search function?
Are you trying to turn off/on the auto start setting? In that case it's in body computer/change car configuration/stop&start


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