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I've got an '08 Compass 2.4L CVT with 163k miles on it.

I've replaced the struts, control arms (although one needs swapping again), and had both front and rear subframes replaced by Chrysler due to Salt-Belt rot-out.

The vehicle is actually in excellent shape for the year and miles, believe it or not!

My question is - I've been getting quite a bit of torque steer (to the left on acceleration) and then to the right (upon the CVT changing the ratio once reaching cruising speed, or letting up on the gas quickly). Is anyone else experiencing something similar to this on an older, high-mileage Compass or Patriot?

I mean the car REALLY squirms back and forth under those conditions. Once at a steady speed / engine RPM, the car drives fine.

I'm assuming that it might be broken or tired engine mounts changing the geometry of the front suspension / axle shafts as the motor rotates farther than original factory specs. I'm not getting any kind of traditional engine "clunking" like you'd get on older rear-drive vehicles, so I'm suspecting that the new style mounts (oil filled) are just losing their strength when the engine is under load, and allowing the motor to move.

I plan on having those looked at by my mechanic, but I thought I'd post here to see if anyone else *for sure* had ever experienced something similar as a point of reference.


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