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Vehicle: 2015 Jeep Compass Sport 4WD 2.4L

I got the attached estimate from a rip off mechanic who was paid to look it over and will be doing the repairs myself. I definitely need to replace the front tie rod ends and rear upper control arm. I am going to replace all four shocks - not necessarily due to function - more so the OEM shocks are so heinous that I can't stand them anymore and feel like the horrible shocks contribute to the wear and tear of these other parts parts.. Lastly, my 4WD has been cutting in and out. Everyone knows that the Compass has issues. Just trying to avoid/prevent against them recurring sooner? Please assume I have all the tools necessary to do the work described. So here are my questions:

1) Tie rod ends (front inner + outer) + Rear upper control arm
-I've found arms with lifetime warranties for $75-100 as well as tie rods sold for about $50 for each the outer/inner ($100 total) - both sold in pairs as per usual. I expect the parts between brands are fairly equivalent based on reviews, etc. Fairly simple, not really any questions here but am open to suggestions.

2) The shocks
-OEM shocks are gross. Its probably my least favorite car to drive on windy roads. I've looked at a lot of different shock options and am not sure what to go with. I would like to upgrade them for a smoother ride? I went through the search function and noted people posting the model they used but didn't find much discussion about which ones were ideal. I am out logging roads quite often and need that type of functionality. I am not trying to "offroad" and will mostly aim to avoid mud, potholes, etc but being able to navigate an inadequate portion of road would be ideal. I know for sure that not all these shocks are equal and would love some suggestions/discussion on which shock are best to replace the OEM ones. Expecting to pay around $300-400.

3) 4WD
-The 4WD has been cutting in and out for the last two years. The switch is directly behind the coffee holder and has been spilled on a few times. It currently is unresponsive after a period of transient responsiveness. The last period of responsiveness was after I spilled a smoothie on it. I expect the contacts are bad/gross. Plan is to remove the switch, clean it, retry, then replace.

I understand the Compass is a PoS hardly worth fixing but if these estimates are right then I can complete repairs for ~$600 + time. The compass has 85k miles and needs to last about 2 more years (when I finish grad school). As always, I appreciate any input and advice.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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