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I am a new Jeep Compass owner and I am not happy with the situation about not being able to close sunroof/windows/side mirrors from outside the car.
So I am looking for an easy solution. I found this small module:

www aliexpress com item/Liislee-For-Jeep-compass-Auto-window-close-mirror-fold-sunroof-close-speed-lock-12V-power-window/32950093407.html?tt=sns_none&fbclid=IwAR2eimsLVYWJ4BPy_GN6MFnhvNWjOhN8mrvzCK-spMBmp_zs4ms3rg68Pjs&aff_platform=default&cpt=1552824009784&sk=YUQlyPe&aff_trace_key=7eafbce237044bdd8cbddf07ed203e81-1552824009784-01732-YUQlyPe&terminal_id=b975957c8b22497c853be2f00cc33e3a

Has anyone here used it ? Is it working fine ?
And is it easy to install ?

Actually, I need to see an installation guide to be sure that it is easy to install. Where can I find such guide ?

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