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Awaiting Arrival Of My Factory Ordered Compass!!

I have a question that hopefully some people made have an answer to...

I factory ordered my '12 Compass in the second week of March. Salesman at my dealership told me this process would take 8-12 weeks...fine, which is why i agreed to process the order.

I called in multiple times to check the status of my Vehicle, and for the past two weeks it has been "Scheduled and ready to proceed on the line"...Sounds pretty good and that things seem to be on there way.

My question is, at this status, how long does the process usually take? I mean i have 3 weeks until we hit the 12 weeks mark, and still no sign of a complete vehicle. I live up in Toronto, Canada.... and to get the vehicle made, tested and shipped to me in 3 weeks seems off. I may be totally wrong which is why i am asking this here.

Hopefully i can get some info that can help me out with this painful wait.

Thanks Ladies and Gents.

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