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Awesome New Jeep

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Greetings everyone,

I ordered my 2008 Black Compass Rallye Edition :D two weeks ago and it will be delivered here in germany early July. Although I don't have it as of yet, :roll: I am looking forward to getting it and modding it up to be a sleeper :twisted: . I am active duty Military stationed in germany and the Compass was my car of choice to supplement my weekend driver 8) . (see Sig)
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You are going to love it. I am thinking about at adding the Rally body kit to my Limited. I really like the look and I like the fact that the panels will help protect the body from chips.
Congrats! The Rally edition is very sporty looking. Good luck moding it. I don't think there are many aftermarket parts aside from intake/exhaust for the Compass as of yet. So it'll make it all that more challenging. Have fun!
Cool. I just bought a green one. I have not seen it in black. The dealer I bought it from had a steel blue a few months ago and this one. I wish I had bought the steel blue...but the green is pretty cool.
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