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So, the blower motor quit blowing. There is power to the switch on the dash but NO power to the blower motor?? Any ideas where to look?

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Were able to find the fuse for it typically in the TIPM power distribution system. Meter both legs on side should have power even if the fuse is blown.

I presume it does not work at any speed setting.


Have you checked the blower itself. If its faulty - stalled, seized or shorted the TIPM (smart module) will shut down the power output to it.

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Possible causes of an inoperative blower motor include:

Open fuse
Inoperative blower motor resistor or power module (depending on application)
Inoperative A/C-heater control
Inoperative blower motor
Inoperative blower motor circuit wiring or wire harness connectors

Here's some info on the fuses:


Integrated Power Module
The Integrated Power Module is located in the engine compartment near the air cleaner assembly. This center contains cartridge fuses and mini-fuses. A label that identifies each component may be printed on the inside of the cover. Refer to “Engine Compartment” in “Maintaining Your Vehicle” for further information.

Integrated Power Module

Cavity Fuse/Mini fuse Description
1 Empty
2 15 Amp Lt Blue AWD/4WD Control Module – If Equipped
3 10 Amp Red Rear Center Brake Light Switch
4 10 Amp Red Ignition Switch/Occupant Classification Module
5 20 Amp Yellow Trailer Tow – If Equipped
6 10 Amp Red Power Mirror/Steering Control Satellite Radio/Hands-Free Phone
7 30 Amp Green Ignition Off Draw
8 30 Amp Green Ignition Off Draw
9 40 Amp Green Power Seats
10 20 Amp Yellow Power Locks/Interior Lighting
11 15 Amp Lt Blue Power Outlet
12 20 Amp Yellow 115V AC Inverter – If Equipped
13 20 Amp Yellow Cigar Lighter
14 10 Amp Red Instrument Cluster
15 40 Amp Green Radiator Fan
16 15 Amp Lt Blue Dome Lamp/Sunroof/Rear Wiper Motor
17 10 Amp Red Wireless Control Module
18 40 Amp Green Auto Shutdown Relay
19 20 Amp Yellow Radio Amplifiers
20 15 Amp Lt Blue Radio
21 10 Amp Red Intrusion Module/Siren – If Equipped
22 10 Amp Red Heating, AC/Compass
23 15 Amp Lt Blue Auto Shutdown Relay
24 15 Amp Lt Blue Power Sunroof – If Equipped
25 10 Amp Red Heated Mirror – If Equipped
26 15 Amp Lt Blue Auto Shutdown Relay
27 10 Amp Red Airbag Control Module
28 10 Amp Red Airbag Control Module/Occupant Classification Module
29 Hot Car (No Fuse Required)
30 20 Amp Yellow Heated Seat – If Equipped
31 10 Amp Red Headlamp Washer – If Equipped
32 30 Amp Pink Auto Shutdown Relay
33 10 Amp Red J1962 Conn/Powertrain Control Module
34 30 Amp Pink Antilock BrakeValve
35 40 Amp Green Antilock Brake Pump
36 30 Amp Pink Headlamp/Washer Control/Smart Glass – If Equipped
37 25 Amp Natural Diesel Fuel Heater – If Equipped

When installing the IPM cover, it is important to ensure the cover is properly positioned and fully latched. Failure to do so may allow water to get into the IPM, and possibly result in an electrical system failure.
When replacing a blown fuse, it is important to use only a fuse having the correct amperage rating. The use of a fuse with a rating other than indicated may result in a dangerous electrical system overload. If a properly rated fuse continues to blow, it indicates a problem in the circuit that must be corrected.
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