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Buy One With the Acoustic System?

Boston Acoustic Sound System

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I am getting ready to make my Purchase for the Black Jeep Compass 4x4 Sport Edition with the E package. I havent been able to test drive a Compass with the Boston Acoustic Sound System in it and I was wondering how good the sound is. If you own a Compass with this sound system in it i would greatly appreciate your feedback, this way I will know if its worth my extra $500.00.

Thanks! :D
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no question. unless you like to muck with aftermarket

stock cd player with mp3 jack + boston acoustics is the smart money for me.

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Yes, I love my sound system. It sounds awesome and it's the only I know of to get the flip down speakers.
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The Boston sound system is truly amazing, you won't regret forking out the extra $500 to upgrade.

Adds so much enjoyment to the ride - just do it [][][][][][][]
I have the BA system and I quite enjoy it, I had a base stereo in my 2008 Patriot which I upgraded with different speakers and custom sub.

Sound quality wise the BA system is great, for my tastes I found the bass a bit lacking and added a 2nd subwoofer, but for most people i'm sure it will be more than adequate.
My BA system sounds very disappointing though. The sub and two rear speakers are really quiet. So I am think if there is anything wrong with it? Should I tweak the amp a bit?

I don't believe there is any tweaks for the amp, do you have the EQ set properly?
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