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Buying a compass tomorrow

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Hi Guys
Just wondering if there is anything I should know at all about the Compass, bad things of course?
I am buying it tomorrow
Thanks for any input
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which one are you looking at? I got invoice price, most people are getting around $500 over invoice so make sure you bargain. They'll try and tell you that they make no money on them and there is no room for bargaining... dont listen! I'm so excited to get mine, I LOVE it...
No, Amanda, there is NOTHING wrong with this car. If the Compass is what you want, and it fits your needs, your lifestyle and your budget, then you are getting a great buy for the money. I almost bought a couple other Jeeps waiting on the Compass, but am so glad I waited. Good luck and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It really is a great car, so much better than I expected. It is everything I wanted and what I needed, but such a great bargain.
Unlike some here, I didn't really have any wiggle room as far as price because I was going to have mine built from the factory, but just wasn't willing to wait, and I ended up with way more options than I would have bargained for, but SO way worth it. You will not be disappointed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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