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Hi there. I purchased my 2018 Compass in September and I’ve been dealing with the same issue since then. I just picked my vehicle up from the dealership (4th time...) and the issue is still not resolved, despite a brand new radio being put in.

Basically: when my iPhone is plugged in (CarPlay activates) and I receive a text that (usually) I don’t reply to, the screen will jump from whatever it’s on (XM or CarPlay) to the “Media” screen, and the audio (usually XM) stops.

It’s like the radio is reconfiguring each unanswered text, and asking where I want the sound to come from.

I’ve spoken to UConnect and Apple, and again, been to Jeep multiple times for service.

Is anyone else having this same issue?! It’s really frustrating!!

I just discovered the “AutoPlay” feature and I turned it off. I’m hoping this resolves the issue.

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