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Circulating funds of machinery and equipment spare parts consumption, in operation, which has a direct impact. Cement, mechanical failure causes sustained early many failure cases in turn. As a result, the remedy in the event of a default, solve the problem from the source, find out the system problem, YunZhuanLv is one of the key factors for success.
The turnover in the development of fault analysis. 1
Vibration analysis of rolling bearing 1.1
They are usually default scroll rotation roving exhibitions: simple hard nudity. The bare, surface water, sofa 2 was about 0.2 mm depth reaches 0.30  vibration test to monitor. Peeling off potential cycle, seat, seat surface or is making progress. Among them, and may be due to the contact stress limit.
To make up for the living diagnostic technique, vibration sensors to monitor is still the most important. In general, the comparative analysis of ShiYu to interference, simple diagnosis method; Methods in the field of uranium - 235 ion diagnosis, resonance frequency demodulation is the most mature, the accuracy of the best and reliable method in bearing; Diagnostic analysis method and the frequency for a time, ignore the appropriate time and fault of resonant demodulation signal, more frequent physical property.Call and measurement of bearing
1.2 damage and rolling bearing form analysis
(1). GuoZai surface spalling and serious wear and tear, GuoZai rolling in turn early fatigue (also can cause some fatigue and pressure). "GuoZai policy also caused serious GangQiu steps, sometimes loss overheating and bare continue to grow. Gradually reduce use or turnover ability enhancement.
(2) the overheating. Decided to turnover GangQiu roller, exchange rate to maintain, skin color or overheating stage. The role of rising temperatures to reduce oil lubricants, indifference or not completely disappear. If your arms and materials, severe GangQiu trading. Basically, or to found the cooling cooling case is inadequate. From the team, fully solve the cooling.
(meeting) and a low. At each stage GangQiu signs of wear and tear the oval rotation without work, but showed that external lubricant and membrane or excessive consumption low vibration. Using bearing bearing and fat or KangMo supplementary.
(4). Mainly as follows:
First of all, ShiLi installation. Such as pressure interval more than proof material. Flexible GuoZai static or because of serious (installed the hammer steps, for example, etc.). Installation method is correct, ShiLi installed in YaZhuang cycle (due to occur in the external pressure).
Second, the contact flow installation. Revolving ellipsoid contact zone, and only in one direction, and inherit the thrust. By contrast, and rotation, GangQiu due to wear and tear, allegedly slot for them. Therefore, should ensure the smooth completion of installation.
Third,. GangQiu levels drop, in addition to trace loss, correct direction, installed. If 16 drops, cause temperature rise to fix and serious wear and tear. Axle the reason may be XiangTi weakness or difficulty, a casing, lock flash with vertical shaft safety net. Therefore, should ensure that inspection and installation path.
Fourth, should pay attention to. Bearing, outside contact assembly or outer wear, in turn, they cooperate to spare parts. Bit of a plain brown abrasive, thus further enhance heat and wear, noise and dance series of widespread problems directly, therefore should obtain the proper assembly.
As arm trajectory is the most serious wear and tear, which suggests that cooperation to overcome the severe test, because this time, the temperature rise, bearing rapid growth, usury and fatigue level. At present, as appropriate to reduce the amount over can solve this problem.
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