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I just bought a 2014 Jeep Compass Limited 4x4 on Saturday. I knew what I was getting into with it (a couple small things that were odd) but one thing has me stumped.

The remote starter.

I have seen the 2014 Jeep buyers guide ... it clearly states that the Limited *includes remote start. My Jeep came with only one key (getting another tomorrow from the dealer for free) but it does not have the "panic" nor "starter" buttons, only the lock and unlock.

I assumed that it just must be that they lost the key and had to replace with a non starter version. Well fast forward to today and I downloaded and viewed the original window sticker for it and there's no mention of remote start.

So the question is this, is remote start included as part of the Limited package on 2014 Compass?

I mean if not I'll just add it but darn this is confusing.

Any help appreciated.
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