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Confused Between 2 cars...Please Help..

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Hey is my buying a new car...and i've been researching small SUV's for a while now....i came down to 2 Vheicals...the Mercury Mariner...and the Jeep Compass.....i test drove both of them...i really like how the jeep compass looks.....and the seats r extremelu rides great except for some engine noise which i think it is normal for Jeeps......with the Mariner....i liked how queit it is...and falls kinda on the luxury side rather than the sporty side.........i went to get a deal on the Mariner..but even with a 2500$ rebeat..i didnt like the price....i think i can get more options on the compass with less price....and the only thing that am scared of is that the Compass is a tottaly new Transimission...and am afraid that all the bugs will start coming out....and i had an experiance with the jeep...i had a 1997 Cheroke and it had lots of problem....soo since all of you guys r Jeep "Experts"....i wish if someone would help me with my decision...thanx a lot :?:
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The reason I went with the Jeep is cause of the price.
I admit I am a little worried as well it being a the first year of this model.
But so far I have been happy.
Well except no lock for the glove box, thats my only gripe.

Hey well welcome to the site.

Heres my take: The Merc doesnt have traction control standard. It doesn't have side curtain airbags. It doens't have the milage (at least by them marketing numbers). If your looking at a 4 cylinder engine it looks like the Jeep has more power although in auto/cvt trim each they may be too close to notice a difference.

Cool Feature Time - You wont get the Aux input for an mp3 players in the Merc. I dont think you get the 115w power outlet in the Merc. The Trunk space in the Jeep is "Ultrafloor" - which is washable - the Merc is Carpet (ugh - pet peeve of mine.)

Both have ABS as standard which is good. Both avail with 4X4. The Merc looks good, I've never seen one cause I don't think you can find one in Canada, so i'm going by web pics here. But yes some of the features in the Jeep felt cheap when i test drove the one i'm lookin at - but i'm not fussy on it too much.

I think if your looking to save more on the merc just compare that list of features with the dealer and you might get em down further on $. There is also the sister Ford Escape...but I think I'll stick with the Jeep myself. :lol:
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We were very interested in buying a Ford Escape before we bought the Compass. The Escape is the twin of the Mariner. We found that there are plenty of Escapes for sale and for good reason. They weren't exactly the most reliable vehicle. Many, many transmission failures.

The thing that really sold us on the Compass was the price. Even though I paid full MSRP, it was still about 4 to 5,000 less than an Escape. Plus it comes with standard things like side airbags, ESP, etc.
I did my due diligence and looked at almost every small SUV corssover before deciding on the compass.

In canada, we do not have mercury, but escapes of course grow on trees. In looking at a 2007 XLT decently loaded, they were offering 6k in rebates, for a 2007 and the price was STILL 30,500 cdn.

I'll be spending in the order of 4 grand less on a compass with better features, better mileage, and with a hope for resale value.

As well the compass is, for what we need in the house, a better fit in terms of being a capable crossover which is efficient, offers a nicer driving position than a car but isn't a large tanker (like my f250).
ACX, I see you have a Ford truck. Perhaps you'll be interested in this Ford truck site that I manage:
Webmaster said:
ACX, I see you have a Ford truck. Perhaps you'll be interested in this Ford truck site that I manage:

So are you a Jeep man or a Ford man?? :p

I have mixed feelings on Ford, I've had a few good fords and a few bad fords.

My Mazda, Loved the Zoo Zoo, hated the issues that came with it, but the bottom line, it was still a ford.

But I also know a few ford pickup truck owners, current year and older years, and they swear by ford.

BTW, my 1st car was a 1974 Mercury Comet. And how I loved that car, straight 6 250. Lots of chrome, and I could climb in around under and over the engine compartment to service it. Ohh them where the times before you had to hook a car up to a computer to do anything :p
flybynight_x1 said:
So are you a Jeep man or a Ford man?? :p
Well I started the F150 site nearly 7 years ago when I had a new F150. Well I bought it new in 98 and started the site in late 99/early 2000.

I'm a car and truck guy. I like many different makes & models.
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