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I have new front lower control arm bushing and can not seem to be able to install them. I ordered different looking ones as I thought the design might work better but instead it has left me wondering how to install them. I have a hydraulic press and bushing presses but nothing works. The bushings do not have a metal housing on the outside to press in like traditional one. Instead they have large protective discs on each side the are wider than the body and not metal exterior housing. These style are ACDelco 45G1396 or Moog K200255. I see these for sale everywhere but I have not found any instructions on installing them different. Also all youtube videos only show installing traditional bushings with the metal housing you press in. If I try to press them in any way I end up cutting the outer protective ring and then the main body rubber does not squeeze in and gets sliced....anti-seize does not help. All the other bushings on the car were easyto install but I do not see how this style of bushing can be pressed in without damage. The only reference to them I found online was one gentleman said to never buy them but no more information about it was given. I should have ordered an traditionally built bushing but since I have these now I am trying to figure out how to utilize them.
Thank you
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