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Cooling and rattle question

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Hi everybody, i just picked my new compass 2008 4x4 5 speed yesturday, it only 200km's it and i have questions.
#1 What is the position of the needle of the gauge in the dash for nomal operating tempature of the motor? On mine, i noticed coming into work this morning (40 km drive) it's goes a little more then 1 quarter, or lets say a little less then a third of it's travel. Is this normal, does your compass operate the same way? or the needle goes in the center of the gauge at nomal temp.
#2 Reading in other posts, i saw ratlle issue in rear... hitch..
I seem to have a rattle in the rear, metal sound, i would suspect in the tail gate area. I had no time check yet, i will be looking at the license plate, but i was woundering if anyone else could chime in on this.
Thank you
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1/4 to 1/3 of the way up is the max I ever see. Of course I have not driven the car in summer yet...

There are no rattles from the back of my 08 Compass. If the road is really bad, there may be a few clunks from the hatch.


Check under your Compass and look at the gas tank heat shield over the exhaust. I noticed that mine is not all the way under the strap on one side. If that comes loose it could rattle. There really isn't much else towards the rear to rattle unless there is something loose around the spare tire or the rear plate is loose....
I had a rattle. It turned out to be a bolt came loose on the catalytic converter heat shield. They replaced it under warranty and the Jeep sounds better (a little). I still have a few other annoying noises :twisted:
My temp gauge on my 07 sits just under 1/2 after it reaches operating temp. I have not gone thru a summer yet, so I hope that is normal. :)
my license plate rattles because there are only two screws to hold the plate to the car ... and the screws are on the top of the plate, so essentially the license plate is a "flap" that rattles when you ride over uneven surfaces (or roads FULL of potholes :roll: )!
There was a TSB about that....
The recommended solution was the foam tape ...
I'm going Friday. I was told their was a tsb on rear shock plate, or cradle, not sure, i will try to get more info.
And yes rear license plate could be a great rattle source.
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