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After driving my 11 hours at night I decided enough was enough and made the decision to swap in some xenons. Cheapo HID kits in a reflector housing are the worst. If you're going to run xenons, do it right. I had some cheap bixenon projectors laying around so I spent the weekend retrofitting them into my existing headlights.

I paired the projectors with Morimoto ballast+/CAN bus wiring kit and Philips bulbs.

Remove bumper to access headlight bolts. Very quick. A few extra steps if you have the Ralle package.

Literally bake headlights at 250 for 10-15 mins

Remove outer plastic housing. Mine are pitted after 95k miles, but whatever.

Disassemble housing by gentling popping interior reflector off studs.

Clearancing for new projector

Test fitting projector bracket. I end up JB welding this in place.

Projector test fit

Painting the old reflectors with Plastidip and test fitting projector shrouds

Test fit

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