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Cvt issues

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Howdi. New to the forum and im stuck. I bought a 2011 compass with not selecting “gears” issue. Found the was an leak on the sump bolts very loose. So removed its drained fluid and done the following.
Replaced sump filter and cooling filter. And sump gasket torgue to spec and refilled with triple q cvt fluid done this as per jatco instructions drove it to mot x2 and to work it would not change up stuck in low. Fault codes p0777 and p0730. Would not clear. Checked fluid all ok unplugged and refitted all elect connections still same so drained and pulled valve body and also checked belt very clean inside and belt ok. Stripped valve body and checked all solenoids operational cleaned everything and refitted refilled. P0777 gone but p0730 stay pulled speed sensors and replaced output sensor intermittent reading in scanner
Have done a initialisation and cleared errors but comes back p0730
Also the autostick doesnot work now stays showing D whwn moving lever
Any info advise would be appreciated before i go pulling the gearbox out. So update searched the autostick not working and results was for esm. Checked the settings found eam deactivated so turned back ok reset all ecu modules now have now hqve u0103 lost coms with esm module so some more digging to do
Regards theo


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Hello, I have a 2011 Compass when I bought it it had a whinning noise when i rev the engine, i did flush the transmission oil and filters the car drove fine for a month and now it wont shift same it throws the P0777 an P0730 i done some research on google bc I’m not a mechanic i have seen people say that it needs a new transmission eith this symptoms but it is crazy expensive even in junk yards my question is what if I replace the whole valve body you think it might take care of incorrect gear ratio as well?
Thank you, do you have like a Pdf of the book?
Sorry for I’m not a mechanic but how do you test the solenoids?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts