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Hi all, thanks for the wonderful place to find out about our Compass!!

I have a new Compass, 400km only.
I was driving in the half snow/asphalt roads this morning and the cvt started to rev high (3500+) on a soft foot and very little power. It's as if it was stuck in a higher gear. Not seeming normal, I shifted back into neutral and then drive and it was okay. It happened a couple of times. Is this caused by wheel slippage? In 4wheel lock it did not happen.

Any suggestions :?

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Are you sure there was no Ice underneath the snow? Also don't forget the Goodyear tires that come with the Jeep aren't the best for winter. For one Goodyear has a hard casing, not good for gripping ice; also all season tires are really only good until about -10 C (+8 F). So combined that together you have a much higher chance of slipping.

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I just took it out again and it's as if it won't switch gears. I'm going 80kmh and it's reving at almost 4000rpm and it's flat out!

I'll bring it to the dealer ant get back to you guys. :cry:

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The dealer said the same thing to me. The problem seems to have gone away for now, could've been just the ice or indeed I bumped the stick somehow. :oops:

Just curious, when you use the autostick, how do you turn it off again to drive auto?

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Autostick is a driver-interactive transmission that offers
six manual ratio changes to provide you with more
control. Autostick allows you to maximize engine braking,
eliminate undesirable upshifts and downshifts, and
improve overall vehicle performance. This system can
also provide you with more control during passing, city
driving, cold slippery conditions, mountain driving,
trailer towing, and many other situations. Automatic
ratio changes upward will only occur to protect the
Continuously Variable Automatic Transaxle (CVT) and or
the engine from overspeed and changes down will only
happen at minimum engine speed to prevent stalling.

Autostick operation is activated in the 'D' position by
moving the shift lever side to side. Moving the lever to
the (+) side will activate Autostick and shift up to the
next higher manual ratio, unless you are already operating
in or near overdrive in which case, 6th ratio will be
selected. In like manner, moving the lever to (-) will
activate Autostick and shift to the next lower manual
ratio. After Autostick is activated, the manual ratio
selected is displayed in the transmission ratio display
and tipping the lever to the (+) or (-) direction will cause
an upshift or downshift by one ratio.
Autostick is deactivated:
By holding the lever to (+) momentarily.
When the shift lever is shifted out of 'D'
When in 6 position, touching the lever to the right.
When heavy Anti-lock brake system (ABS) application
is detected.
Autostick General Information
If a ratio other than 1st is selected and the vehicle is
brought to a stop, the transaxle control logic will
automatically select the 1st gear ratio.
If a low range is selected and the engine accelerates to
the rev limit, the transaxle will automatically select the
next higher ratio.
If a downshift would cause the engine to overspeed,
that shift will not occur until it is safe for the engine.
Mostly the CVT will stay in the manually selected
ratio, however.
If the system detects powertrain overheating, the
transmission will revert to the automatic shift mode
and remain in that mode until the powertrain cools off.
If the system detects a problem it will disable the
Autostick mode and the transmission will return to the
automatic mode until the problem is corrected."...From the owners manual.
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